We need to prepare the next generation

AI 4 Education

Many schools see AI as something to be avoided. We fear that the students who do not know how to use it will be left behind.That's why we are putting together a platform that will enlighten schools, enable teachers, and prepare students for life after school.We can't do it alone though, so read on to see how you can be part of the project.

Current approach


Having spent enough time at PTA meetings, it has become frighteningly clear that many schools see the use of AI as a harmfull thing, on par with social media and computer games. Something that distracts the children from learning and makes them just hand in something generated by AI. Something to keep them from learning and concentrating.The problem is, that we know that being able to use AI constructively will act as a force-multiplier for the students when they finish school, and will help the teachers create even more engaging material.

Lets get the teachers on board

Winning the first battle

The first step on the journey is getting the schools and teachers on board.
We need to make them comfortable with brand new technology, both in terms of safety and utility. They need too feel empowered, and realise that they are not loosing their jobs by embracing AI. On the contrary, they are suddenly in a position where they can REALLY help the students and teach and show empathy and engagement.

So they can teach the children

Now the real magic happens

Not only will the teachers be able to create amazing content for the students, but they will also be able to help the students learn to properly use generative ai.They might have a hard time understanding division in math, and need to see a few alternative ways to understand it, so they just ask.Creativity in presentations will skyrocket with ai tools.And they will be ready for the future of work when they finish school!

when we succeed

Imagine this...

Not only will the teachers be able to deliver customised and improved learning to all children; the students will be prepared for the future and know how to help themselves.
And when the platform is ready, teachers and students can help each other, taking the whole educational experience to a new level!

How will we do this

It has to be free

To make sure no child is left behind, it has to be free to use for both schools and students. As soon as anything costs money in the school system, it will have to be taken from other places, and the process will take ages. Right now we have a golden opportunity to lift the educational system, and we as society cannot afford to wait.
Step one will be teaching materials for teachers to get up to speed. Then follows the material for the students, and last but not least, we will roll out the support platform.
But it all has to be free. And that's why we need help.


Sponsor the movement for good

While we are building the foundation, we are looking for companies that will help sponsor the project. The current estimate is that it will take around $350.000 for the first 12 months. That will get us all the material and the first iteration of the platform, as well as maintenance and running costs.
If you're a company that makes generative ai tools, we also need to be able to make these available to teachers and students alike, and would love to work with you on this.
There's a link to sign up for the newsletter and stay in the loop at the bottom of the page, and for direct contact, you can reach out using the form below.

Platform and rollout

step by step

We will start by rolling out in Denmark, though anyone interested can help in rolling out across the world. We will be using AI to build the material, so localisation will be straightforward.
The first step is getting the teachers on board. So we will help them understand the tech, how to use it, and give them all the tools they need.
Then comes the material for the teachers to give the students the information they need in order to learn to use these tools, and to get help from them.
Lastly, once we have learned from this roll-out, we will launch a platform that makes the whole journey self-service, and allows for teachers and students to help each other get better and better!

How can you help?

reach out to us

We need all the help we can get! So sign up for the newsletter below, or use the form above, to reach out to us and let us know what ideas, questions or support is on your mind.

Thank you

We can't do this alone, so thanks for taking the time to read. We are looking forward to enabling the next generation with the power of ai, and letting the teachers focus on the human part of being there for the children.